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NWA Southeastern Championship Wrestling Results Project

Results for NWA Southeastern Championship Wrestling.  This project is attempting to compile all known results for the old NWA Southeastern - Continental pro wrestling promotion.  This is an on-going project with TV shows and results continually being added.  This focuses on the southern end of the promotion known among wrestlers as the "Pensacola" or "Alabama" territory.  The promotion was owned by Ron Fuller and later David Woods.  View Results

Southeastern Wrestling playlist -

Ultimate History of Pro Wrestling Timeline

For over 20 years pro wrestling historian Karl Stern (DragonKingKarl) has been putting together a comprehensive timeline of important events in pro wrestling history. That is now being transcribed into When It Was Cool and you can access these archives yourself. From the dawn of time until the year 2000, Karl Stern is putting together a massive list of events and news. Scouring history books, newsletters, newspapers, and much more. New entries are being added almost daily and are also included in the When It Was Cool Newsletter to help you find them on the time line. If you have any additions or corrections to the Ultimate History of Pro Wrestling Timeline please contact us! Click Here for the Ultimate History of Pro Wrestling Timeline

DragonKingKarl Classic Wrestling Audio Show Series - The Long Form History of Pro Wrestling

I have reorganized the ongoing long form history of pro wrestling series into this new zone making it easier to find the shows and making the listings clear on what years and topics each show covers plus easy to access links to any .pdf’s or reading materials that go along with the series. This show is premium content for Patreons at the $5 or higher level, though there is a free show you can download and check out for yourself. This is the most intensive, inclusive, and exhaustive history of pro wrestling series ever undertaken. Check it out! Long Form History of Pro Wrestling Series

Greatest Kayfabe Tournament: Jack Brisco vs Triple H

(06-11-2019) The GKT continues! It's all about the game and how you play it... yeah, Jack Brisco probably isn't listening to that nonsense.  But how did the voters see it? Former NWA World heavyweight champion and one of the most respected (and legitimate) mat wrestlers in history against a man who considered himself a modern day Harley Race. Two eras collide. We look at the careers and history of both Jack Brisco and Triple H and then you decided who would win if they ever met in the ring. GKT - Jack Brisco vs Triple H Podcast Special

Karl Stern Mail Bag Show and Retro Wrestling TV Review Podcast

(05-28-2019) (Zones: Patreon Content / Wrestling) Today's show is a PACKED show. The mailbag was so full I had to record TWO different parts to it with questions spanning a number of topics including Continental wrestling, Gorgeous George, the WWF title goes to Hulk Hogan but it could have went differently (deep dive into Backlund-Iron Sheik- Hogan), Bret Hart, and much more! Then, oh dear lord, the retro TV review this episode is not to be missed. What happens when you let George Gulas run a TV wrestling show out of a tiny room? Well, daddy, you get UWA from 1984 which includes the greatest fan ever- Mr. Higgenbothem and his cowboy hat who is tarred of all these dirty wrasslers. Karl Stern Mail Bag Show and Retro Wrestling TV Review Podcast

Hulk Hogan Career Research Project - An detailed look into the early career and first matches of the legendary Hulk Hogan.

This is a detailed research project I did several years ago with the aid of multiple wrestling historians to try and chronicle an accurate early career record of Hulk Hogan.  When did he really start wrestling?  Did he wrestle under a mask?  When was he Terry Boulder? Sterling Golden? Read more.

History of Pro Wrestling Action Figures 4 Part Audio Series

($5 and higher level Patreons) Karl Stern produced audio series on the history of pro wrestling action figures from Remco, LJN, Jakks, Hasbro, Mattel, and more.  Check it out.

New - Original 6 Part History of NWA Southeastern Championship Wrestling - The Year of 1983

Karl Stern presents a 6 part audio series covering the entire year of 1983 in NWA Southeastern Championship Wrestling which featured heel Bob Armstrong, Ron Fuller, The Flame, Mongolian Stomper, The Midnight Express, Mr. Olympia, Frank Savage, Man Mountain Harris / El Lobo (Black Bart), Ken Lucas, Buck Robley, and much more (You also get a ZIP file of all the posters from that years Boutwell shows). Now reduced price $5 level!

The Original History of Pro Wrestling Audio Series (8 Parts - 8 Hours)

Karl Stern presents the original 8 part - 8 hour History of Pro Wrestling Audio Documentary available to Patreon supporters of the $10 or higher level.  Check it Out