Ultimate History of Pro Wrestling - A Time Line of Every Major Event in Pro Wrestling History - 1959

By: Karl Stern (@wiwcool)


01-09-1959: Pat O’Connor defeats Dick Hutton in St. Louis, MO for the NWA World heavyweight title.

01-24-1959: Akira Maeda is born.

In Salt Lake City, UT, heavyweight boxer Lamar Clark knocked out Ox Anderson in 1:38 of the second round in a boxer verses wrestler match. Lamar Clark fought numerous boxer verses wrestler bouts, all of which were worked. In 1962, Clark was knocked out in a boxing match by Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali).

02-17-1959: A notable card from the 1950’s took place on February 17, 1959 in the Dominican Republic. It was headlined by Akio Hosihara against El Tigere de Bonao. Akio Hosihara was build as being from Japan. This card drew 3,000 fans including several noted members of the Rafael Trujillo Dictatorship that controlled Dominican Republic in that era.

02-20-1959: Ivan the Terrible defeats Angelo Savoldi in Oklahoma City, OK for the NWA World Junior title.

03-06-1959: Angelo Savoldi recaptures the NWA World Junior title from Ivan the Terrible in Oklahoma City, OK.

03-07-1959: A crowd of 15,299 fill the Cincinnati Gardens for a wrestling card. In the main event, the team of Wilbur Snyder & Yukon Eric defeat Angelo Poffo & Bronko Lubich in two out of three falls. This is a new attendance record for the Cincinnati Gardens.

03-20-1959: Sting (Steve Borden) is born.

03-29-1959: Michael Hayes (Michael Seitz) is born.

04-15-1959: A riot breaks out in Milwaukee, WI following a match between Verne Gagne & Hans Schmidt against Boris & Nicolai Volkoff. Wrestling is banned for about a year in Milwaukee following the event.

05-04-1959: Boxer Lamar Clark knocks out Tony Borne and Treach Phillips in the same night in “boxer verses wrestler” matches in Salt Lake City, UT.

05-21-1959: The original World League tournament begins in Japan. The annual tournament continues until 1972.

05-27-1959: Eddie & Jerry Graham win their second WWWF U.S. tag team championship from Mark Lewin & Don Curtis in Bridgeport, CT.

06-15-1959: Rikidozan wins the first annual World League tournament, defeating Jess Ortega in the finals.

07-09-1959: Kevin Nash is born.

07-14-1959: Leo Nomellini & Butch Levy defeat Ivan & Karol Kalmikoff for the NWA Minneapolis tag team titles.

10-20-1959: Scott Hall is born.

10-23-1959: Bruno Sammartino makes his pro wrestling debut in White Planes, NY defeating Miguel Torres.

11-1959: Eddie Graham retires, thus leaving the WWWF U.S. tag team titles vacant.

11-14-1959: Jerry Graham & Johnny Valentine win the vacant WWWF U.S. tag team titles over Mark Lewin & Don Curtis in West Hempstead, NY.

12-16-1959: In Richmond, VA, Dr. Jerry Graham was ordered by the state athletic commission to show cause within 15 days why his Virginia license to wrestle should not be suspended. Graham had been subpoenaed by the commission to appear before it Tuesday at a pubic hearing on charges that a wrestling monopoly existed in the state. He did not show but sent a telegram from New York saying he had a commitment to wrestle elsewhere.

12-30-1959: Lee Fields announces his retirement from wrestling to run the territory formerly run by Ed Welch.

Jerry and Eddie Graham.png

Eddie & Jerry Graham

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